When there's cold outside... Here are some handmade hats to keep you warm.
For orders: info@misspolka.com



Čas je, da se počitnice končajo in stvari spet postavijo na svoje mesto. Za začetek s pisanjem.
Zato sem sedla za mojo čudovito starinsko mizico in se lotila. Črke za črko, strnila čustva in doživetja iz Bosne, kjer me je navdušila neokrnjena divjina Nacionalnega parka Sutjeska, ki se razprostira v Črno goro.
Več o tem kmalu.


Here are some new bags from my sewing studio.

 Price: 40 €  

Price: 40 €  
Orders: info@misspolka.com


Dear ladies,

have a wonderful day! International Women's Day!

And don't forget...

Smile & be happy


After a long time, serious work and serious skiing vacation... here I go again :)
Just to start and be back on track, I want to show a bag I made for my dear friend Fuchsia & Celeste.
I enjoyed making it.

Miss Polka bag. Photo: Katarina Krmelj for Fuchsia & Celeste


We had some snow here in Slovenia last week, just enough for skiing and some winter pleasures. It was lovely. But the snow reminded me of some great time with great people I spent in Whistler, Canada.
And here's a note to self: write to Santa, he might help you go there again :))

But being "stuck" in Ljubljana isn't that bad afterall... It's beatiful as always at this time of the year.

                               photo: Dunja Wedam/Visit Ljubljana